Created by a former US Army pistol shooter, Full Metal Coloring is filled with red-blooded American iconography, to include:

  • antique firearms – flintlocks to Thompson machinegun
  • hunting guns – big game hunting rifles to duck hunting shotguns
  • military branch symbols, Americana and more!

Featuring the words and images of world class athletes like:

  • Jerry Miculek, World’s Greatest Shooter
  • Julie Golob, winningest shooting athlete in action shooting
  • Sandra Uptagrafft, 2012 Olympian
  • Randi Rogers, World champion cowboy action shooter
  • Mike Michie, International Combat champion
  • Brian “Gunny” Zins, 12-time outdoor pistol champion
  • Jim Henderson, over 40 national records in shooting

and more!

  • Dustin Ellerman, Top Shot (season 3) winner
  • Michael Waddell of Bone Collector, “America’s Favorite Hunter”