Featured in American Rifleman Guns & Ammo magazines, Full Metal Coloring: A Book of Down Range Reflection is the FIRST adult coloring book specifically designed for veterans, firearm owners and the outdoor crowd.

Author, Kimberly Kolb Eakin, is a retired Army sergeant and holds multiple national records in Women’s Bullseye Pistol Shooting.

She is regular contributor to Womens Outdoor News and frequently creates new coloring pages based on women in fishing, hunting and competitive shooting.

Gun Safe Sample Page

Coloring Book for Veterans

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Made for Veterans, Hunters and Shooting Enthusiasts

Created by a former US Army pistol shooter, Full Metal Coloring is filled with red-blooded American iconography, to include: antique firearms - flintlocks to Thompson machinegun hunting guns - big game hunting rifles to duck hunting shotguns military branch symbols, Americana and more! Featuring the words and images of world class [...]

Release Date! June 6, 2016

Lord willing and the creek don't rise, Full Metal Coloring will release on June 6, 2016 just in time for Father's Day!  Preorder above to ensure delivery to your "man cave" by June 19.   From the mind of a former competitive shooter comes the world’s first coloring book for the [...]

Great Gun Quotes

While I researching for Full Metal Coloring, I came across some great quotes about firearms, shooting and personal defense.  The below didn't make the pages of the book, but they are worth sharing nonetheless.  Enjoy!                               [...]

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This Ain’t Your Momma’s Coloring Book

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